You Won’t Believe What Megyn Kelly Just Said About Katie Britt’s SOTU Response (It’s Brutal!)

In a scathing takedown, Megyn Kelly ripped into Senator Katie Britt’s response to the State of the Union, calling it “disgraceful” and “totally cringe.” Kelly accused Britt of putting on a dramatic performance that was inauthentic and ultimately hurt the Republican Party.

“What was she thinking?” Kelly fumed on her show. “This is a serious address, and Britt turned it into a reality TV audition. It was embarrassing to watch.”

Kelly’s comments are sure to spark outrage among Britt’s supporters, who have praised her for her strong conservative voice. But Kelly is unapologetic, insisting that Britt needs to do better if she wants to be taken seriously as a potential presidential candidate.

“The American people are tired of politicians who play to the cameras,” Kelly said. “They want leaders who will stand up for what they believe in, even when it’s not popular. Britt failed that test miserably.”

Only time will tell if Kelly’s criticism will damage Britt’s political future. But one thing is for sure: Britt’s SOTU response is a moment she won’t soon forget.

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