Kristen Stewart Gets LIT with Seth Meyers: Day Drinking Confession You WON’T BELIEVE!

Kristen Stewart On Seth Meyers

Move over, Bella Swan! Kristen Stewart, the notoriously private actress known for her moody stares and brooding characters, let loose on the set of Late Night with Seth Meyers, and let’s just say, fans are having a meltdown!

Gone are the days of tight-lipped interviews. Stewart, looking effortlessly cool in a messy bun and a loose white button-down (because who needs a bra when you’re day drinking with Seth Meyers, right?), threw caution to the wind and revealed a side we rarely see – a playful, boozy Kristen!

Spill the Wine, Sis! Kristen Reveals Day Drinking Secrets

The segment started innocently enough, with Meyers congratulating Stewart on the success of her latest project. But things took a sharp turn when Meyers whipped out a charcuterie board… and a bottle of wine. Yes, you read that right. Wine. At what seemed to be, like, 3 pm.

At first, Stewart seemed hesitant, but with a playful nudge from Meyers and a knowing wink at the camera, she dove in. Throughout the interview, Stewart sipped on the vino, her cheeks getting progressively rosier and her laughter more frequent.

So, what kind of juicy secrets did the day drinking session unleash? Buckle up, because here are the most OMG moments:

  • Stewart Admits to Being a “Lightweight”: Apparently, even vampires (or should we say, post-vampire heartthrobs) have their limits. When Meyers jokingly asked if she could handle her liquor, Stewart confessed, “I’m a lightweight, don’t let this fool you.” This sent the audience into a frenzy, with many tweeting their shock at this seemingly out-of-character revelation.
  • She Almost Got Kicked Out of School for Shoplifting… Almost: This one had Meyers choking on his (non-alcoholic) beverage. Apparently, a teenage Kristen, fueled by youthful rebellion (and maybe some pre-pubescent angst?), attempted a daring shoplifting escapade. Luckily, she got cold feet before completing the act, but the story itself had the audience roaring with laughter.
  • Kristen Hates Being Asked About Twilight: We all knew this, but there’s something about hearing it straight from the horse’s mouth (or in this case, the slightly buzzed interviewee’s mouth) that makes it extra satisfying. When Meyers cleverly steered the conversation towards the Twilight franchise, Stewart playfully rolled her eyes and muttered, “Ugh, not again.” Can’t blame the girl, right?

Is This All Just a Publicity Stunt?

Of course, the internet is buzzing with speculation. Is this newfound openness a genuine side of Kristen, or is it all a carefully orchestrated publicity stunt to promote her upcoming film? We’re not here to judge, but we will say this: it’s working!

The interview has gone viral, with fans raving about a more relaxed and relatable Kristen. Social media is flooded with memes and reaction videos, all dissecting Stewart’s every giggle and witty remark. Whether it’s a strategic move or not, there’s no denying it’s pure entertainment gold.

Source: Vogue Spain

But Wait, There’s More! Kristen’s Hair Takes Center Stage

While the day drinking antics have everyone talking, let’s not forget the real star of the show – Kristen Stewart’s hair! As Vogue recently pointed out in an article titled “Forget Lingerie, Kristen Stewart’s Hair is the Real Star Here” (seriously, that’s the title!), Stewart’s signature messy bun has become a fashion statement in itself.

The interview only solidified this notion. The perfectly imperfect bun, with loose strands framing her face, somehow managed to look effortlessly chic, even as the wine flowed. Is it a messy bun? Is it a work of art? We may never know, but one thing’s for sure: Kristen Stewart is giving us major hair envy.

The Verdict: Day Drinking Genius or Desperate Cry for Attention?

So, was Kristen Stewart’s day drinking session with Seth Meyers a publicity stunt or a genuine glimpse into a wilder side? We’ll leave that for you to decide.

One thing’s for certain: it’s a win-win. Fans are loving this new, carefree Kristen, and the internet is buzzing. Plus, who doesn’t love a good celebrity gossip session fueled by Pinot Noir? As for us, we’re just here for the entertainment, and Kristen Stewart, tipsy or not, definitely delivered.

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