Megyn Kelly SHOCKS Everyone With Her Latest Attack! Will This Finally End Her Career?

Megyn Kelly is back, baby, and this time she’s setting her sights on the hippest, hoppest demographic in the land: Gen Z. Buckle up, buttercups, because things are about to get spicy.

In a recent podcast episode, Kelly went full mama bear on the younger generation, specifically targeting their recent praise for Monica Lewinsky. Remember her? That whole Bill Clinton scandal from back in the day? Apparently, Gen Z doesn’t hold a grudge and actually feels kinda bad for Lewinsky.

The Kelly Meltdown

Well, Megyn Kelly ain’t having it. Here’s a taste of what she unleashed:

“This generation, with their avocado toast and participation trophies, thinks they can just rewrite history? Monica Lewinsky was a grown woman who made a terrible decision. Where’s the accountability? Where’s the outrage?”

But Wait, There’s More!

The Lewinsky rant wasn’t the only target in Kelly’s crosshairs. She also took aim at pop star Taylor Swift for attending a charity event that supported organizations in Gaza.

“Here we have this multi-millionaire pop star, flitting around the world, and she chooses to align herself with a group that throws rockets at innocent civilians? Does she even know what she’s supporting?”

Is This the End of Megyn Kelly?

This isn’t the first time Kelly’s commentary has caused a stir. Remember the whole blackface thing? Yeah, that wasn’t a good look. So, will this latest tirade finally be the nail in the coffin for her career?

Team “Megyn’s Done For”

The internet, particularly the Gen Z population she just roasted, is having a field day. The tweets are flowing faster than a Kardashian meltdown. Here’s a sample:

“Megyn Kelly needs to get with the times. Nobody cares what she thinks anymore.” – @wokebetch_98

“Can we please cancel Megyn Kelly already? She’s so out of touch it’s painful.” – @millenialmusings

Team “Megyn’s Just Speaking Her Mind”

But don’t count Kelly out just yet. She’s got her own loyal fanbase who dig her straight-talking, no-nonsense style. Here’s what they’re saying:

“Megyn is one of the last voices of reason in a world gone mad. Don’t be afraid to speak your truth, girl!” – @patriot_pete45

“These kids today are too sensitive. They need to hear some tough love from someone like Megyn.” – @boomer_betty72

So, What’s the Verdict?

Only time will tell if this is the end of Megyn Kelly. Will she fade into irrelevance, or will she somehow use this controversy to reignite her career? One thing’s for sure: she knows how to grab headlines.

But Here’s the Real Tea

Is any of this actually a big deal? Maybe not. Maybe it’s just another manufactured outrage cycle to keep us all clicking and sharing. Here’s a thought: what if, instead of getting sucked into the drama, we actually talked about the issues Kelly raised? Like, should we be re-evaluating how we talk about past scandals? Should celebrities be more mindful of the causes they support?

Just a thought. But hey, that wouldn’t make for a very clickbaity article, would it?

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